Our Video Diary

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many is a video worth? At 25 images per second, we’ll let you do the maths.

That is why in addition to sharing stories and pictures from our journey, we are conducting a video diary as we progress, to let viewers see what we see and learn what we learn.

Make sure to head to the video section of this site to see the first three entries, including a report on the great celebration of the Men’s Shed in Alice Springs: Click here to see our video diary



Our Outback Love Letter


My immediate view here is red. I’m sitting next to our tent, there’s a beautiful breeze, a cow moo’s in the distance and the sun is setting. Perfection – were it not for the flies! Their persistent, constant, incessant buzzing will be a bit distracting while I write my outback love letter, but they certainly add authenticity and take me back to my early days in country South Aus (don’t hold my beginnings against me)!

We’ve been on the road 5 hours or so today, covering 250kms with going bit slow on the Plenty Hwy on our way to Alice Springs, but we have had some exciting moments! Crossing the border into NT certainly tops the list of highlights, as well as witnessing the biggest termite mound on the Plenty (conveniently marked on the map!). Then there was the emus running towards the road at speed only to do a dramatic u turn upon seeing our approaching car, very entertaining, and at camp we were followed some distance by a cow, briefly making V a bit uncomfortable (lol).

But topping the list would be the outback’s stunning display of colour and changing character, going from a musty yellow, deep red, an assortment of greens and blues, trees, no trees, rocky hills and staring cows – all in the short distance of 200kms. A bloody good show. I get the rapidly sinking feeling that this road life is addictive, and a finite end will not do. The hustle and ‘buzz’ of the city life becomes less appealing – but will I be singing a different song as we approach our destination in Melbourne, we shall see, until then, Outback feel the love!


The Generosity of Artists

Just a quick note to say thanks to Danielle Mate Sullivan and Chern’ee Sutton who prove that not only do artists have amazing talent, they also have amazing hearts.

You can read more thoroughly about their profile and personnality on our page here.

And since they show their generosity through their artwork, don’t hesitate to show yours by donating to the cause on our fundraising page.

Sydney’s Motivation

Operation Phase 1 complete

After reaching our 2nd main pit stop, Brisbane, we have time to reflect on the small achievements we’ve seen so far, primarily the success of the launch event in Sydney, and the fact that our “Dreamtime Drive” project has finally become a reality. Far from feeling a sense of satisfaction, this has provided a surge of motivation in the face of the upcoming three months and demanding work ahead. Not only did we see a prestigious artist in action, and the results of her hard work and outstanding talent, but also experienced firsthand the reaction from the community towards the project, which was nothing short of generous – witnessed by the overwhelmingly kind words and donations of passersby at the launch event and the help received from the local Tali Gallery. So we thank Sydney, and more specifically the Rozelle community for receiving us in such a welcoming manner, but more importantly we thank you for the motivation that will see us through the next phase of the project.

Be sure to check out the artist behind the first amazing artwork on the car and photos from the event – and look out for our video log coming soon!

All in a Word


Hilux with a little extra something – Red Dust approved.

Excitement. Despite being limited in expressing the true state of affairs going on in the Dreamtime Drive vehicle over the past few hours, embarking on our first leg (Melb-Syd), after picking up the Hilux this morning,  this word is definitely one of the first to come to mind. Other words? Anticipation, eagerness, relaxation, elation, fervour – it’s been a ride so far, and we’ve only clocked up 600 clicks! But how else to describe one’s status after forsaking a steady (and favorable) work life and hitting the road for a journey into the utter unknown.

Insanity (I hear the public gallery cry)! Perhaps. And now would definitely be a good time to explain more about the motives behind what some may describe as above-mentioned loss of mind. It all started when a bright-eyed bushy tailed couple talking – just talking – about how awesome it would be to adventure around Australia and the awesome things we would see and learn. The project progressed based on a desire to learn more about the Australian outback but importantly the culture of the land’s first peoples. So large is the population in coastal and city areas, but larger still is the vastness of inland Australia and the rich indigenous history and culture. The modern young Australian (myself included) nonetheless, may only venture as far as the inner suburbs or local beach and call it day. The natural progression of the idea turned into something more, giving back to the places we visit and sharing the things we learn with those modern young Australians we mentioned earlier.

Now we need to capture the unpredictable attention of our target audience, and what better cultural and unique symbol than Aboriginal art, or even better travelling art! As we engage the communities we visit with a fun project bringing people (whether urban, rural, remote or alien) together with a common cause, we aim to maximise contributions, and therefore the support of life-long enrichment for Indigenous Australians.