Sydney’s Motivation

Operation Phase 1 complete

After reaching our 2nd main pit stop, Brisbane, we have time to reflect on the small achievements we’ve seen so far, primarily the success of the launch event in Sydney, and the fact that our “Dreamtime Drive” project has finally become a reality. Far from feeling a sense of satisfaction, this has provided a surge of motivation in the face of the upcoming three months and demanding work ahead. Not only did we see a prestigious artist in action, and the results of her hard work and outstanding talent, but also experienced firsthand the reaction from the community towards the project, which was nothing short of generous – witnessed by the overwhelmingly kind words and donations of passersby at the launch event and the help received from the local Tali Gallery. So we thank Sydney, and more specifically the Rozelle community for receiving us in such a welcoming manner, but more importantly we thank you for the motivation that will see us through the next phase of the project.

Be sure to check out the artist behind the first amazing artwork on the car and photos from the event – and look out for our video log coming soon!


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