Mimi Moments


Long John Dewar working at Mimi Arts

We’ve clocked up 10,863km and finally reached the WA border! A lot has happened to get here, and it would not be an understatement to say the last couple of days at Mimi Arts in Katherine will be with us for the countless kms and years ahead. We are indebted to this art centre, not only for the gift of Long John’s incredible talent, contributing the 5th painting of Dreamtime Drive, but we were particularly moved during the time we spent here. The warm generosity of Barbara, the Manager, and her enthusiasm towards the project as well as the funny, wise and benevolently open nature of Long John has been a welcome motivation and warmed the journey ahead. Find out more about this incredible artist and his fine attention to detail here and don’t forget to check out the latest photos, don’t miss out!


One thought on “Mimi Moments

  1. We had the pleasure of meeting you and John Dewar and watching him paint at Mimi Arts in Katherine. We even bought a (very small) one of his wonderful paintings. Best wishes to you all!

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