Dreamtime Drive Wraps Up But The Fight to Close the Gap Must Go on


The past week has been a very busy one for Dreamtime Drive as the project came to an end thanks to the painting of our last white panel and to our last strecth of driving towards Melbourne and our finale event. It is with great satisfaction that we finalised our project but in more than one way, this is not the end of our involvement with closing the gap.

We completed the painting of the car in the South Australian riverlands thanks to local school kids and younger children we know through family connections. We felt it was a great way to end the collaborative painting, with indigenous and non-indigenous children picking their favourite colour and putting their handprint on the car, symbolising the charity dimension of the project as Red Dust fights for health in remote communities.

Our last night in the tent was followed by our finale event at the MCG in Melbourne where the Red Dust team and ambassadors welcomed us back and gave us a chance to broadcast the car on television when Channel 10’s cameras came down.

We are still keeping the project alive this week as we are very very close to the $5000 fundraising mark and would welcome donations this week to pass this symbolic mark. You can help us by donating on our fundraising website

For anyone interested in purchasing the wonderful 4WD, please contact admin@reddust.com.au


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