Dreamtime Drive is a fundraising travel tour centered on Australian Aboriginal Art, for the benefit of RED DUST ROLE MODELS, a charity striving to improve the lives of remote Indigenous communities.


A young French-Australian couple in our mid-20s.

Jessica is an Australian Environmental Engineer specialised in water and geophysics. She grew up in rural South Australia and currently lives in Brisbane.

Vanig is a French communications specialist with a background in social science and cultural studies who loves everything related to travel.


We will travel around Outback Australia in a 4WD car that will be progressively painted by Indigenous Australian artists and school students within the communities we visit, creating a collaborative art piece as we go.

Why? As a tribute to Indigenous culture and to support the critical work of RED DUST with all funds raised to go to this great organisation, including proceeds from auctioning the car at the end of trip.

To support the project, donate online to the benefit of RED DUST who frequently visits and brings long lasting support to these communities: http://dreamtimedrive.gofundraise.com.au/


One thought on “About

  1. A really wonderful initiative Jessica and Vanig – inspiring and important! The health stats for our Indigenous people are shameful and positive action is essential! Congratulations and best wishes from all at Tali Gallery!

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